Victor d'Allant

Victor d'Allant

Visual Anthropologist
Victor is a cultural anthropologist whose work includes field research on French truck drivers in the Middle East, mental health issues in India for the World Health Organization and agricultural development in Burkina Faso for the World Bank.

His photographs have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and published in Newsweek, several World Health Organization publications, and many magazines in Europe and Asia. The video blog he produced for the Skoll Foundation’s online community received an Honoree Mention at the Webby Awards (Webbies).

Victor holds an MA/ABD in Cultural Anthropology from the Sorbonne in Paris and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In his own words: “I use my Leica to compensate for a strong case of prosopagnosia."

Currently working on a book trilogy: “Love. Blood. And other crazy stories."

Babita Patel

Babita Patel
@ spicyindi

Humanitarian Photographer
Babita works with nonprofits, NGOs and social enterprises to photograph their programs. She has documented the lack of access to clean water in the slums of Haiti, photographed men in maximum-security prisons who found redemption through education and followed a ballet dancer-turned-US Marine around for the day. In 2012, she founded KIOO Project, a nonprofit that changes gender dynamics in economically-challenged communities by teaching photography to girls who, in turn, teach photography to boys.

Babita’s work has been featured on ABC, Al Jazeera, Forbes, The Guardian and MSNBC, among others, and exhibited in New York, Los Angeles and Lisbon. She is an active public speaker on female leadership and social impact. Babita was once threatened with getting shot by the Secret Service for trying to get too close to President Clinton.

Currently working on a book about the cradle-to-prison pipeline—one of the causes of mass incarceration.

David Gross

David Gross

Photographer and Visual Documentarian
David Gross is drawn to stories of human culture on the edges of civilization, from war to wildfire. He won a World Press Photo award for his photography of U.N. war crimes investigators and victim identification teams in Kosovo. He covered conflicts in Kosovo, Macedonia, Turkey, and Iraq, focused on war crimes and mass graves. He maintains interest in criminal justice issues and has worked for an Innocence Project. He has created the Inside-Outside Project to document the psychological effects of war on children, and Artivism.Rocks to teach psychological resilience skills to refugees.

David also works as an advocacy consultant, combining his journalist storytelling skills with digital design and software development.

Before receiving his MA from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, David was a philosophy student. Which says it all.

Currently working on a photography and art project on the effects of war on children seen through portraits and children’s drawings.